Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My new duties

On 18th of September 2014 the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia appointed the Ministers of the 12th Slovenian Government led by Miro Cerar. The new Government comprises of the Prime Minister, seven female and nine male Ministers. I was appointed as the Minister without Portfolio responsible for Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion and on 2nd of October as Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. Regards, Violeta


Maxatnes said...

Interesting duties! Why not include some polishing of your English? My humble suggestion; start with irregular verbs and proceed with the proper use & the correct form of the Passive Voice? Past participle??
F. i.: lead-led-led
A group, organisation, alliance etc. is LED by so-and-so
Even the Slovenian Government is simply LED by Mr. Miro Cerar, trust me :-) Just as a starter... No offence, please.
Good luck!

Ksenija Pečnik said...

Dear Mrs Bulc,
I wish you an outstanding position in the EU government. You Will make it, I am sure, according to all your knowledge and skills. What we and Europe need is a strong and beautiful woman as you are!!! I keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!
Good luck, and all the best,

Jurij Korošec said...

Vso srečo tega sveta, Vam želim na novih dolžnostih.


tatajana said...

Čestitke za vaš nastop na zaslišanju (jojme, kje se je našel tak prevod :P) v Bruslju. Suvereno, ampak živo, na trenutke celo doživeto (bravo za nemotečo sproščenost), umirjeno in odločno, a brez pretencioznosti. Srečno naprej in da bi kaj dobrega dobro naredili :).

Anonymous said...

I'll help with the English. Seems she's Minister without Portfolio because she's also a minister without Marbles.

Fk me, dodged a bullet there!

Cafe-Restaurant Goldenes Lamm, Villach said...

My dear ex professor at Doba university, I am personally very proud of you and I deeply believe, you can make some changes...

John Harrison said...

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Dora Ali said...

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