Friday, September 26, 2014

The vibration of the white lions in the new era

Modern times are opening more and more opportunities for understanding the difference between the individual and her impact to the meaning of the whole, and as the impact of whole has on the individual. Following our inner callings are becoming the  main importance for it's contribution to authenticity, and to the service of the needs of the environment.  Andreja Cepuš is a woman that follows her own inner call in fullest meaning of this word. This is her story.

Who is Andreja Cepuš?Andreja Cepuš: I call myself Social Artist, or better, a co-creator of a new quality of life. Why Social Artist? Because I feel this is the concept that best describes my true essence. Social Artist brings the same order of passion and skill that an artist brings to his or her art form, and to the canvas of our social reality. It is within the deep work of Social Artistry that we can access the inner capacities to align ourselves with the earth's higher purpose. Ultimately, it is about all of us together co-creating the human and social changes needed to make a better world.  I feel my work is contributing to the activation of deepest human potential, co-creating the space of inspiration for innovative breakthrough steps in following our own true story and helps activating our inner leadership flame.

Photo: Andreja Cepuš
Source: Stane Jeršič
Otherwise I am a curious life explorer. After finishing my studies of Marketing Communications at Faculty for Social Sciences In Ljubljana, Slovenia , Europe and working for several years in different marketing & communication fields for different renown companies in Slovenia (writing, copywriting,  editing, sales & promotion, marketing communication, project management, e-TV host, and event host),  I followed the higher call of life and stepped onto my own path. I am now fully dedicated to fulfilling my soul's mission in raising consciousness through different activity workshops, and with purpose unveil the inner- most human dimension.

As a longtime contemporary dancer, occasional poet and creative art lover, I understand the importance of uniting different fields of life into one big field of new possibilities and inspiration, from where the new principles of the community are born. The model I am developing unites creative feminine principle, meditation, movement, meaningful communication, art of hosting learning methods, art and inspirational space of trust and support. Since I am aware that innovation is born out of the box of our limited mind, I am opening the space for inspiration, the awareness of authentic, new era leadership, heart intelligence and new models of creation within our lives.

Photo: Zihra, white lion in GWLT
Source: GWLT
What was the trigger to discover the love for the white lions?
Andreja Cepuš: At first, maybe the mystique the surrounds them. But when meeting them, the realization this mystique is a very real event. Looking those beings, eye to eye touches your inner essence and transforms it forever. Facing them in their natural habitat, and  homeland, you cannot but realize that you are facing your very own nature and it's important to bring this missing link back to life.

What does the Legend of the White Lions teach us?
Andreja Cepuš: Love and respect, if I sum it up. The Legend says that White Lions are star beings, uniting star energy within earth form of Lions. The native ancestors were convinced that they are children of the Sun God, thus embodying Solar Logos and legends say that they came down to Earth to help save humanity at a time of crisis. There is no doubt that this time is right now.
Scientifically, the lions represent the top of the ecosystem, the life pyramid and the top of the top is reserved for the White Lions.  If you eliminate the top of the pyramid, the entire ecosystem collapses. So, if the White Lions disappear, the Earth looses its balance and we as humanity cannot survive this. Symbolically, White Lions represent power, dignity, leadership, courage and heart. And when we, people, are our best, we are exactly like that: lion-hearted. So, if the White Lions disappear, that means that those values disappear, too. And we can see by ourselves already where has this brought us.

Photo: Andreja Cepuš at workshop
Source: Darja Grdina

How can we transfer the ancient sayings into modern human times?
Andreja Cepuš: It is simple, actually. White Lions are reminding us to embrace again the missing link with the nature and step back into the original, natural flow of life that supports growth and evolution. We as society have lost our direction within somehow imposed, artificial life rhythm, which is leading to destruction. We can see the White Lions having the role of ambassadors since they, simply by their presence, expand our consciousness and call people to finally wake up and re-establish their contact with the nature ~  also or even more so, with  our inner nature. When our inner nature matches the natural rhythm and is balanced, the balance can also happen in our outside world.

Facing the values as power, leadership, courage and heart eyes to eyes live in the natural habitat activates the very same part within our inner nature. The realization those are the qualities that give purpose and meaning to our life and are necessary for taking a step out from the direction of destruction and into the direction of life and creation, is activating our individual soul mission. If we think that we cannot make a difference in the world that is really just not good enough. This is the thought of the mind, not of the heart. White Lions are inspiring us to courage, to stand up and follow our heart. They are encouraging us to embrace our inner leader and live our purpose. They are revealing us the principles of new era leadership, where every individual is living his/hers purpose and we can only imagine what happens in our society when we all do this step and start living a meaningful life.

What kind of consequences do you see in bringing intuition into the awareness of the business world?
Andreja Cepuš: Huge ones. Intuition is the part of  nature that can still be perceived as a 'missing link' with us. It's a part of the natural life flow and no system is whole without it. Intuitive perceptions are putting us back into the organic flow of growth and evolution, of thriving, which means that use of this part within the business world, will enable the new foundations of business and for return this will be supported with life.  Within our work the intuition is opening the new field, which enables organic growth, quicker and more elegant twists, innovative solutions, wiser action and decisions, magical inspiration. It is opening us to creative nature and bringing us back into the much bigger picture of life that our mind is capable to understand. It is becoming clear that the old business structures and systems are not working anymore and are actually crumbling, falling apart. Why? Because they're not supporting creation but came to the blind street and are heading for destruction. To make a shift to the new foundation, new structure and system we need balance and Wholeness. The use of intuition is a part of this Wholeness. It's not about something 'strange' or 'esoteric', it's all about simple natural logic which is not linear. The business world needs to be part of the natural logic if we want the creativity to build a new society and new way of living, where the individual, nature and society will all be a balanced part of the ecosystem and they will live in consciousness of co-creating together for the higher good and good of all, with main purpose being to enable the harmonic quality of life for every living thing.

Photo: Andreja Cepuš with Linda Tucker, founder of CEO Global
White Lion Protection Trust (GWLT) and author
of a book Mystery of the White Lions
Source: personal archive
What is the practical workshop bringing us?
Andreja Cepuš: It is opening the space for inspiration, where one can experience the organic flow of creation. It is inviting us to jump deeper into our inner nature, illuminating our inner potential and leading us into intuitive sensory perception of the environment around us. It doesn't bring us answers, but opening new questions that can inspire us to explore the new field of meaning even more. It challenges our stagnant beliefs and invites us into the system of wholeness.



WhoWouldHaveThought said...

To be honest, good luck with your theories on life.

Just keep either keep them to yourself, and let the rest of us live how we define the world. not the one you intend to impose on everyone else.

People are not as silly as inferred deep within your message, that special people, just like you, are necessary. On a global scale an average Joe will struggle within exisiting institutional frameworks, but the average Joe and Barbara do very fine thank you in their neighbourhood.

So basically, keep painting, walking on fire and whatever pleases you and the rest of us poor suffering souls will go happily about our live, which we have managed to do quite well so far. (Wars by the way are generally started by well-meaning politicions, or clergymen. rarely has a group of villagers decided its time to invade and convince hundreds of other villagers to joinn them, only States do that)

If your message is so good, then convince 7 billion people not a dozen sleepy dunderheaded EY commisioners.

The point is you can't and won't. That is why you are actually a danger to people, though your arrogance could never accept such a concept, and why you quite enjoy the idea of getting your hands on the political levers.

Te danger- you think you are smarter than mst, you have developed theories that are consequently better than anyone else's, because you thought of them, and you think that everyone should embrace them, and we will all be better off because of it.

What a conceit.

Dora Ali said...

we will all be better off because of it.