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Alchemy of Leadership and Organisation

Innovation has been recognized in the modern world as a key means of  value creation. It's characteristics go really well with the development of the global economy.
The innovation concept has created an opportunity for all participants of any modern society to thrive. For its full participation it needs dynamic, diversified systems with non-hierarchical, but horizontal organizational structures.

Source: Dirk Oellibrandt

Innovation allows us to manifest all of our diversified views and multilayered competences in a form of fresh products, services and solutions that create value and support a sustainable and prosperous development for diverse societies, but then, only when in the hands of responsible and assertive people. Otherwise, it can also bring, equally effectively, destruction and harm.
Suggested readings:
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You tube: Jef Staes Red Monkey, March 2014
In progressive, innovatively orientated societies, we are realizing more and more that leaders in organizations and teams again play an important, yet, quite different role than the past. Instead of being a hierarchical authority that has all the best responses and solutions, and makes decisions on behalf of everyone within a team or an organization, the successful leaders see their role as:
  • establishing the right conditions for people to thrive in them
  •  in recognizing potentials and personal mission in each individual
  • in creating diversified partnerships that can effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of societies.
They get actively involved in organizational innovation, social innovation and innovative business modelling. They inspire and hold a safe space for people to dare to go beyond the accepted boundaries and norms.
Suggested readings:
•    Bulc, V. (2013, July) Connecting Evolution and Involution to Create a Positive Foundation for an Eco-Civilization. Taiwan: International Conference on Social Environmental Education for an Emerging Eco-Civilization
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But how and where to develop the needed leadership competences, experiences? Our guest  today is Dirk Oellibrandt, who will invite us to think in terms of Alchemy. This is his message to modern leaders:

“In the business world there is a deep need for leaders who can look, think, feel, communicate and lead differently.  But rarely we see methods that are really different and practically useful at the same time.
Photo: Dirk Oellibrandt
Source: personal archive
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Alchemy might sound like an “airy fairy” thing that needs to be kept out of business. But Alchemy is simply using the full potential available; so that you combine all the ingredients rightly as superior creation arises (like gold).

The full potential is most easily found into the four human dimensions (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). The leader who masters the four dimensions of leadership is prominent on his director chair and a magnet for business opportunities. 

The uniqueness of the approach of Life Projects is that it is able to make the two dimensions in organizations and training, which rarely come up for discussion - namely the physical and spiritual dimension, both practical and profitable.  Our experience in companies like Microsoft, National Police Holland and may more proves this.

The principle of  “Organismations” uses the working principle of living organisms in your organization.  It helps you to transform your business from half dead and boring to a living organization. Showing you how to bring true nature back into your team and organization.

An invitation to the “Alchemy of Leadership and Organisation workshops”:
Are you a leader or professional who has the desire to awaken the dormant potential inside of you, your team, your organisation, your clientele? Learn how to create gold!  Bringing the best to the surface in yourself and everyone around you. The natural way to effectively build on a sustainable business and a higher quality society.

When & where & what:
1.    Full day program on Sunday, April 6th 2014 in Ljubljana
2.    3h overview workshop on Monday, April 7th 2014 in Ljubljana 

As two leaders who followed our program stated: "I regained my life back."

Through this state your life and leadership become embodied and you’ll be able to inspire and stimulate your environment from deeper values, wisdom, creativity and intelligence.

Leadership and guidance is now done from effortlessness. The deeper qualities and abilities gradually seep to the surface. The previously learned mental and emotional abilities are of course an added value to this state.

Source: Dirk Oellibrandt
 It is time that we look inwards and join the big mother-company (nature) and learn to look from the inner core of our team or organization at the available potential. Then a world of endless possibilities will open up where worldly success and individual fulfilment merge together.”

Testimonial on Youtube:

Source: Dirk Oellibrandt
Thank you Dirk, for this profound, and so much needed human message. Yes, leadership is all about people, people and again people. So simple, yet so often forgotten.

Osti jarej, Violeta

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