Friday, January 10, 2014

At the turn of 2013 in 2014

Dear all!

I sincerely thank you for all the opportunities that we have, individually, and together,  seized, developed and turned into successes in 2013.

Thank you too, for your readiness and openness to embrace  our joint discovery of the new, unknown, and  different.

With your help, Vibacom was able to conclude another exceptional, innovative, productive and successful year;

-    presentations of examples of good practice and business models (BTC, InCo movement, Challenge Future, Srce Slovenije – Heart of Slovenia, evolution models, mass innovation models, innovation communication, and infrastructure, holistic decision-making, methodologies for sustainable development) in seven countries: Austria, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Taiwan, Montenegro, Brazil, and Lithuania;
-    co-creation of breakthrough development projects with BTC d.d., TPV d.d., Nuklearna elektrarna Krško d.o.o., Inner-Karst Regional Development Agency, all based and dependent on systematic cooperation throughout the year;
-    8 smaller short-term projects, 20 workshops, 24 lectures;
-    study courses at the MCI College (Salzburg), DOBA College (Maribor) and Faculty of Design (Ljubljana), guest lecture at the University of Applied Science Upper Austria;
-    co-organisation of the World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences, Vietnam, 2013 (The 57th World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences)
-    the publishing of the "The Magic of Contribution" book ( and its official international launch in July 2013, in Vietnam;
-    permanent support in the development of the InCo movement's topics and message, organisation of various events, and communication of the movement's exceptional results: 7 events, 24  media reports on the InCo movement, 16 meetings, 212 active participants (

Photo: Impressions Vibacom 2013

-    international publications:
• Bulc, V. (2013, July) Connecting Evolution and Involution to Create a Positive Foundation for an Eco-Civilization. Taiwan: International Conference on Social Environmental Education for an Emerging Eco-Civilization (eng)
• Bulc, V. & Wilmshurst., J. (2013) Education for emerging societies. Vietnam: The International Conference on Systems Sciences and Systemic Thinking (eng)
• Bulc, V. & Kovačič, V. (2013, June) Intuitive decision-making - step towards the systemic thinking and integrated innovation. Magazine HRM, year II, (53) (slo)
• Bulc, V. (2013, 24. -26. June) Mass participation in innovation – the foundation of a modern organization and beyond. The Hague: ICE & IEEE-ITMC Annual Conference (2013, June) (eng)
• Rangus, K. & Drnovšek, M. (2013). Open innovation in Slovenia: A comparative analysis of different firm sizes. Economic and Business Review, 15(3), 175–196. (eng)
• Rangus, K. & Drnovšek, M. (2013). Proclivity for Open Innovation: Construct Conceptualization and Empirical Validation. V: Academy of management Proceedings 2013, 11.-13. August 2013 Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida. (eng)
-    21  media reports about the Vibacom company
-    28.700 web searches of the word vibacom and 7.800 web searches of the words inco gibanje (and 2.140 web searches of the word incomovement).

                                 We are grateful for the year 2013!

And here comes year 2014. A year of sincerity, bonding, and looking for the good in others. May it inspire you and fill you with the energy of light that always manages to break through the darkness and never fails to awaken our finest inner dimensions.

Perhaps, it will draw you to us again, into a network of  creativity that will project new values into our environment and bring us joy. It is wonderful to co-exist with you, to feel your presence, your inspiration and learn from your actions; it is wonderful to interweave with you what we feel, see, know and transform this into tangible results discovered through answers to tough challenges.

"The line gives way to the circle, planning to modelling, departments to mind sets, and value chains to interlinked value networks; the human race is becoming aware of the higher purpose of life and embraces with love the diversity, beauty, natural rhythms and itself."

We will enjoy this year with every cell of our bodies on the wings of wisdom, insight and joy! I hope this year will be a good partner to you, too!

                               WELCOME TO 2014!

Vibacom team

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