Thursday, March 8, 2012

The power of young vision in a business model

Modern technologies offer significant opportunities for innovation, which is not limited to products and services. The inspiration of an unburdened young outlook on the world and the simple desire to be present, helpful and authentic also establishes new business models. Models created by youth. This is one of them. From the music scene. It is based on passion, love for its subject and understanding of the world. The model is a virtual one and addresses an existing need of a clearly defined target public. Yet, I believe its inspiration will go far beyond that. I hope it reaches you, too. This is the story of Profanity. It also contains Petra's energy.

What is Profanity?
Petra: Profanity is an Internet interactive magazine for "heavier" music lovers. We publish daily news, articles, interviews, reviews and reports for fans of metal and hard core. Our main difference compared to regular music magazines is mainly that our writing is not superficial - it's based on research and intertextuality. Our articles reference the broader social context, films, philosophy, political situation and global events.

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What was the reason for creating the magazine?
Petra: The initiator was our editor, Ivan Cepanec, who is actively working as a music journalist for various printed and radio media, and also participates in the metal scene with his band, Dickless Tracy. The idea arose from our realisation that there was an absence of quality content and criticism in Slovenian music magazines; thus, we decided to offer something new.
The Profanity team comprises experienced writers with good knowledge of the music scene. We operate in a democratic and amiable manner.

Who are you addressing?
Petra: Our readers are people with high expectations. They demand articles with high added value. Music news is easily accessible on the web therefore Profanity also provides the knowledge each of us possesses in their field of interest. We don't translate content from foreign publications. Instead, we provide a critical view on current musical events, concerts and albums. We address an audience that wants an in-depth view.
Profanity Webzine (interactive magazine): Working hours: 24/7
The team comprises 15 journalists, photographers and proof-readers.
They write: reviews, reports, news, editorials, articles, etc.
What is the core of your model?
Petra: Webzines operate based on a special principle. We are not compensated for our work. Nevertheless, we don't work for free. Our model is based on exchange of information and establishing of connections within the global music scene. As a music webzine we belong to a large network of players in the music scene. Our work enables us access to a sort of a select circle. We usually get free tickets for concerts and festivals, and in exchange write reports from these events. Our work also enables us access to artists whose work we review, follow and interview. The information we gather is then presented to our readers. We are co-dependent in our existence. This is a broad and densely interwoven network to which we all contribute. In this manner, we are able to identify quality music, discover new bands and critically assess each other.

How big is your impact? How do you detect and measure it?
Petra: Our place in the world is crucially defined by our methods – we do not deal with our subjects purely from a journalistic, sociologic or psychological aspect – instead, we have an in-depth approach to music, we try to understand music. We are offering something fresh, new, interesting and of good quality. We add another dimension to a written interactive medium, one that deals with the insider aspects of music. We put great emphasis on working according to our personal ethical code: we do not advertise specific bands since we are using a critical and objective approach. Each article allows the author to express themself, their knowledge and view of the world.

Photo: Petra
Source: Personal archive

What lies ahead?

Petra: We've managed to position ourselves in the Slovenian music scene since we started a year ago. We intend to build on this, expand our network and continue to creatively contribute to the scene. We will continue to provide fresh and critical articles daily and endeavour to meet our readers' expectations. If we overgrow our initially defined framework we will define a broader one. And most importantly, we will continue to do this with love and passion for music.

How do you see the future of local and global connections, team work and team creativity? What experiences have you gained through Profanity?
Petra: The advantage of a web medium is that even if it is published in Slovenian, it can easily become a global player through quality work. Profanity already operates across borders, even across continents. Quality is always welcome. If you exhibit quality, all doors open for you. It is quite unbelievable how a small group of friends can become an important part of something bigger, something with a global reach. Each of us contributes their part and we are all parts of the whole. Each of us is different and has different views, yet we cooperate excellently. We learn from each other, appreciate diversity and the qualities of each individual. Thus, we become stronger and better. I find this experience priceless and fulfilling for it gives me a chance to work with people I admire, both in terms of their musical knowledge and their personalities.

Photo: Petra with friends
Source: Profanity

Thank you, Petra and the Profanity team. For your courageous journey, your search for and implementation of new means of communication and ways of cooperation. Thank you for reaffirming our belief in ethics, friendship and teamwork. Thank you for showing us a way into a world where joy, personal growth and passionate work are integrated on a new level, in the form of new business models that pave a path to a new quality of relationships. You are a true example of business and social innovation. I hope your vibrations will expand beyond the music circles!


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