Thursday, October 20, 2011

When instead of fear, instead, we are filled with the joy of living

Do you ever feel life is a single big paradox? Our public institutions, the media and our own moral and ethical attitudes, fight smoking and alcoholism, yet simultaneously, our government fills the budget that is supposed to ensure our social security, and national health, with taxes collected from the sales of cigarettes and alcohol. We encourage people to lead healthy lives, spend as much time as possible outdoors and with each other, while at the same time we are building a virtual world where technology is taking over our structured world and increasingly influences how we perceive it?
These contradictions of the modern day and age stimulate the noble side in some people and prompt noble actions and initiatives. The propagators of are certainly such people. They bring something good. This is their story.

VB: Who is Bojan Kodelja? Who comprises the team?
BK: He is the initiator of this movement. A practical and realistic person, yet, who never loses touch with his visionary side. "I am learning continuously and I strive to do things that fulfil me, thus enabling me to do even more. I act on the incentive of life I am familiar with as a son and a father. I explore the dynamic layers of fatherhood and believe in intergenerational cooperation. Our team shares these values. We transfer our faith in sunlight-filled relationships to our projects and people who share our need to illuminate darkness and alleviate distress. We do field work daily, from dawn until dusk. We have already evoked many a smile and knocked down taboos about addiction. More still lies ahead."

Photo: Bojan Kodelja
Source: personal archive

VB: What is What need in our country does it address?
BK: It is a social responsibility programme that unveils and demystifies addiction in a fresh, open and very practical manner and encourages the individual to act and choose a health way of life. Based on concrete questions and answers, on examples and situations. With the help of those people who daily face the problems of addiction and people who bring laughter, hope and vision to others' hearts with their work.
The programme speaks to the individual and the society. It promotes integrated personal development and a change of work habits, or rather, bad habits that destroy the worlds within and around us.
"We all can do it and we are all a part of the whole"

"" ( is a social responsibility programme that is truly colourful! It unites open people who are able to listen to a person and hear them, and provide them with clear and unambiguous paths to themselves. Helped by a multitude of friends, the organisers of the programme regularly implement various initiatives that motivate people to learn and manage to live free of the clutter that surrounds us in our daily lives and creates a sense of inner contentment.

Each and every one of us can do it and we are all a part of the whole. Each of us experiences, understands and gives in a different way and that is what makes the world so colourful. PAINT A NEW DAY!

Bojan Kodelja, Head of the social responsibility programme
VB: Where do you and your team get the energy for operating such an enterprise?
BK: I can safely say that we are motivated by written and spoken responses that we receive, the acceptance of our programme by the youth and those slightly older, the methods we use to bring it to the people, the time we spend implementing our programme across the country and the impression we live behind.

VB: Your business model is original, unique. What is its core?
BK: The core of our activities are field actions. Direct contact with people who want to learn about addiction. Our topics are adapted for various age groups - children, teenagers, parents and adults. The programme opens the door to intergenerational cooperation and responsible and consistent parenting based on firm parenting grounds. This concept of interactive learning is specific and advantageous in that it does not moralise and irritate. Rather, it presents the topics in an engaging manner to all target groups. The activities are intentionally condensed into a single day for such a succinct programme, verifiably creates the necessary critical mass that stimulates the participants, children and their parents, to talk about uniformly presented topics and continue discussing them and in the following days.
VB: Who is responsible for your success?
BK: The Expert Council, certain institutions and opinion-makers additionally contribute to programme development and continued existence of the social responsibility programme.
This is accompanied by limitless patience, hope and strength projected by the team, and the people who have already been touched by and whose lives have already taken a turn for the better. Success lies in the hands of each individual; we all possess talents and strength to achieve success in life - the kind of success deserved by every individual who doesn't give in to the weight of erroneous convictions and beliefs and finds a solution in the seemingly confusing life. This results in the personal achievement and success that has always been within their reach.

VB: Which way forward?
BK: We wish to further develop and enhance the contents of the programme, to make the expertise of facing addiction more accessible to the general public whilst remaining faithful or our ideals - professionalism, responsibility, respect, credibility, integrity, honesty, reliability and consistency. We are developing methods and models of effective and innovative learning for the target group of young people that will enable them to develop their own opinions and build on their own ideas and goals in a relaxed, clever, team-based and effective manner.

The programme addresses, inspires and mobilises over 20,000 people across Slovenia every year. Your belief in the need to act is more than evident. It is personal and concrete. With the aim of making the world a friendlier and joyful place. With less fear. Your meetings disperse doubt and answer actual concerns of people who are lost as to how, why and where. I hope your energy will grow even further. People like you make the world a wonderful place. And what are the rest of us doing?

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