Thursday, September 15, 2011

SUCCESS = engineering ambition+ masterful touch of inspiration + design + marketing niche

A few days ago, I received a phone call...:"Violeta, would you be the sponsor of our boat?"
I must admit that I was surprised by the invitation, but it was honest, good-natured and the caller's voice was full of excitement. A few days later, I travelled to Bled where under a big white tent a "water princess" was getting ready for launch, the Ljubljanica from Bled. I stood motionless for a while. The sparkling eyes of four young people were full of expectation. I was immensely proud to be invited to partake in their wondrous event. Anže enthusiastically explained his plans, thoughts, and the story of their boat, which started as a project for a client, but ended up partly in his ownership due to unforseen problems.
"I've learned my lesson," he said, "but I had to finish this project and I don't regret a thing." Tomorrow, the Ljubljanica will cruise along the River Ljubljanica and set a new standard in the design of river boats. I hope this will inspire the city of Ljubljana. This is Anže's story.

Photo: Anže Logar and Violeta Bulc
Source: Lakercratf

VB: Who is Anže Logar?
Anže Logar comes from Bled. He is a thirty-one-year-old whose heart and soul are tied to wood in the most subtle of ways. He possesses a remarkable combination of mastery in carpentry and modern engineering knowledge. He is a shipwright of wooden vessels. He has a mission, an enduring and noble one.

VB: What is your passion?
AL: "I am passionate about all wooden vessels. About everything connected to water and everything surrounding it. That's no wonder since my astrological sign is Aquarius."
The gift of a free spirit that enjoys beauty, perfection and fresh inspiration lies within Anže's hands and heart.

VB: You've mentioned you have a mission. What is your mission?
AL: "It is connected to the preservation of cultural heritage of wooden vessels and protecting them from disappearing altogether. Since I see myself as a craftsman, and because I am fully aware of the significance of such a status nowadays, I believe it is very important to make sure people are aware and understand the significance of master craftsmen in this day and age. People need to be constantly reminded about wood as a material, of the future for wood as one of the few domestic raw materials we have in sustainable abundance.
VB: How do you implement your ideas and talent?
AL: "Jointly with my clients. People trust me, which allows me to realise my creative potential. In essence, I am maintaining the tradition of building of wooden vessels, while ensuring constant development of my company and my personal growth. In addition to high quality and cost-effective wooden vessels for a broad range of users, I also endeavour to fulfil the requirements of my most demanding clients and their custom made projects. The latter often combine tradition and modern engineering and technology. My clients come from Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and Austria."

VB: What do you base a project upon?
AL: "All my projects are for specific clients. Including small traditional boats and simple boating gear. I don't produce any stock items".

VB: What about financing?
AL: SKB Bank helps me finance my larger projects. Together, we always find the optimal financing solutions. I purchase materials from Lescom d.o.o. and Wuerth d.o.o., while Kamm navtika supplies me with nautical equipment. But the key element is our team: carpentry engineer Anže Višnar, Matej Trtnik, Anton Zupan, Tomaž Jurca, designer Ivana Žigante, electrical equipment experts Anton and Matija Murn, and some other occasional associates.

Photo: Boat "Ljubljanica"
Source: Lakercraft

VB: Where did you get the idea for the Ljubljanica project?
AL: "The idea for the Ljubljanica was shaped about a year and a half ago. I was offered the challenge to build a wooden barge for the purposes of tourism in our capital and I accepted it. I designed the barge taking into account all the legal restrictions applying to rivers. Then we built the body of the boat. I am truly happy and proud to have completed this project. "

VB: What was the main challenge of the project?
AL: "The key challenge was to build something original that would increase the value of river navigation. Our rivers have only seen plastic and metal boats so far. This barge is first wooden vessel that was developed and built specifically for Ljubljana. The design merges modern design knowledge with the old city centre of Ljubljana designed by Plečnik. At least, I hope that's what we've achieved. We still need the feedback from other people to confirm this."
Baptism ceremony was held in Ljubljana in the river
Trnovski pristan on
Wednesday, 14 September, at 6 p.m.
Godfather of Ljubljanica was Violeta Bulc.

VB: Where are the limits of your dreams?
Anže Logar will continue his efforts in maintaining the cultural heritage of wooden vessels while strengthening his brand - Lakercraft.
AL: "I will continue to pursue the goals I set for myself. I am currently negotiating a few bigger projects of greater impact. This winter I'm building a modernised version of the "Pletna" covered wooden boat that is characteristic for Lake Bled. I am also constantly working on improving the floating characteristics of all types of small oar boats. I will never run out of ideas and topics for exploration since the wisdom of wooden vessel construction is in the details and finesses."

Incredible. I dare anyone to say that our wonderful country lacks healthy pulses, daring individuals and successful teams. There are many. We just have to allow ourselves to see them. We need to open our eyes. Look around you - can you see more?

For the Vibacom Team,
Violeta Bulc