Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sketch Rolls – fresh approach to evolution and implementation of your innovative ideas

The Ordo Group, lead by Uroš Strel Lenčič, is one of the winners of this Summer. In Slovenia and globally.

Hot Summer was an additional motivation for the dynamic Ordo Group, to launch to the global IT solutions community a fresh, exciting and really useful tool, directly from the Ordo Lab: the Sketch Rolls. This solution is moving up daily on the list of most interesting and noticeable items in the App Store. But fresh and new is not only the IT product. Also the innovation process from idea to market, is advanced and inspiring. A prime example of dynamic project management and creation of an innovation ecosystem. On the spot. In virtual space. In the space between. This is Uroš's story.

Inspiration: »In November 2010; a dialogue with some colleagues at the conference in Istanbul, that revealed the need for a new type of presentation and idea generation. It got clear to me that the existing tools support either vertical or horizontal approach (page by page).

The need: »for a quick and simple development of fresh ideas and their effective presentation.»

The Results: »We designed and developed a tool that supports vertical and horizontal presentation of any content and in any direction. Thoughts and ideas as notes, sketches, drawings, etc. can be developed and presented horizontally and vertically with only one pen and eraser. »

The Value: »The use of IT in a new way (increases the use of the existing IT for idea development, mind maps, drawings). It is fun. It is creative. It is fast. It saves time. It creates money.

Photo 1: Description of the solution: Sketch Rolls
Source: Ordo Group

Sketch Rolls is new, user-friendly iPad application. It is aiming to support the need for quick and simple sketching of new ideas, thoughts, and drawings. By using Sketch rolls you can write, draw, sketch, send, and share your ideas in a very easy way. The core qualities of the application are: superior graphical and user interface, beautiful lines and a special "Extend" function that allows the users to extend the drawing board.

The notes and drawings are organized as projects and you can share them with other users of the Sketch Rolls application by using the SRP (Sketch Rolls Project) files, which were developed specially for the needs of this application.

More about the application and in the Apps Store.

How was the story created:
The team:
3 continents (Europe, North America, Australia). 4 countries (Slovenia, USA, Canada, Australia). Four time zones.

Number of the team members: 8.

The work attitude: dynamicism, where individuals enter and exit based on their core competences and the needs of the project.

Competences: the entire team has 40+years of experiences in application development; expert knowledge (in illustrations, programming, design, marketing, writing)

The approach

Source: Ordo Group

The first results:

In less than 14 days:
- listed as »New & Noteworthy« in more than 100 states
- listed among the top 50 best selling items in the Apps Store

The next moves:
- further development and improvements of the application based on customer response
- follow up with new modules based on customer initiated ideas
- use, use of it on a day-to-day basis

Impact on the industry (comments on the Net can give us a clue):

1) Very nice *****by Drlcm
“I was reluctant to pay seven bucks for this app, but it was well worth it. This is one of those apps that you don't know you need until you experience it because the concept is pretty new. It allows you to just write and sketch without having to stop. For instance, I just made a to-do prep. list for the three courses I teach. I was able to simply divide the lists with lines, move back and forth to see what I had already written, and then create another prep list for the next day all on one continuous sheet of 'paper.'. Also, you can insert a scroll below the one you are writing on, which allows you to extend your sketch or notes both horizontally and vertically…..Very, very smart app. Maybe a game changer.”

2) Finally - a Napkin for all Encounters *****by Bricoleur Soul
No need for napkins, no need for Beer Coasters,
Capture that stroke of brilliance,
Capture the brainstorming session, capture the number.
Productivity redefined for the digital age.
Simply great or
Great. Simply.
Take your pick.

3) Awesome app *****by twosocksS
“Very useful app for my web design apps and other sketches. You can draw with feeling on rolls and with horizontal shift, you can develop idea without problem. Money well spent.”

Uroš and the Ordo Group, keep rolling and inspiring!