Wednesday, April 13, 2011


For the last few years we have been investing a lot of time, effort, and energy, on both a personal and corporate level, in holistic development to enable better responses from people to the challenges of life, and to cope with the increased pace of changes in all their diverse forms, that are surging all around us.

It seems that this holistic approach has produced favorable results on the individual level; however, the increasing number of challenges is pushing us even further, with increased demands, and imperatives, and a growing sense of urgency.

These challenges are inviting us to courageously re-evaluate, transform, and where needed, replace the structures that we currently use as the immutable foundation for our actions, cooperation and progressive development. We need to be able to look beyond the known, and familiar, to dare to consider new types of manifestation of existing philosophical concepts. Maybe, even more crucially, we are in desperate need of new philosophical concepts themselves.

Along these thought lines, many questions emerge: is the current multi-party system, that seems to condone so much corruption, dissimulation, and egocentric decision making, really the only way for the successful implementation of democracy? Is the "top down" pyramidal approach, which assumes superiority and only values people based on their knowledge, connections and social status, really the only way to lead organisations of the 21st century? Is a stock market that allows so much speculation and fraud, really and truly the only way to encourage fresh capital for the corporate development, for the implementation of innovative breakthroughs, or manifestation of progressive young companies? I think NOT.

On the contrary, I am increasingly convinced that greater changes need to be made in our society in order to progress, especially on the path of sustainability and towards peace on many levels. In order to achieve this, not only individuals, but also the structures that we (as individuals) have created, to provide the wants and needs of our lives over the centuries, need to be re-defined, changed, or transformed.

To encourage you in a quest for new forms of co-existence and co-creation, I am offering you three of my visions, and I hope they will provoke you enough to go beyond your current perceptions, and to step over into the uncomfortable zone of the uncertain.

First, Let's briefly explore the concept of business evolution.

Evidence to hand in the real business world implies that evolution exists in business, as well. They show that phases of business evolution do not evolve in a predetermined time sequence. On the contrary, each (business) system has its own dynamics. Each needs a different time span to move one from one phase to another. The transition to a new evolutionary pattern is also a subject to social and overall economic development, and will occur only when conducive conditions are met.
Video:Business evolution

Second, Let's see what motivates (business) evolution.

What really drives the development of our lives, relationships, projects, and organisations? When do they really make progress? Could it be, that changes occur when we create the right conditions for them to happen, when the sensitivity and density of consciousness is right?
Video: Density of Consciousness

Third, which type of leadership can be effective for the new, progressive organisations?

How can we lead in a world of innovation, unpredictability, constant change and globalisation? It is becoming apparent that today’s new leaders no longer need to lead in a classical sense. Instead, they simply need to be fully present; to inspire people; to energise the realms that they are connected with; to feed those relationships that they can reach through their emanation of personal energy; integrity, vision, and to hold the space for people to feel safe, respected and thus to facilitate their freedom to create and innovate.

I am involved in testing this new type of leadership, and my experiences so far reveal inspiring results, evidenced by the collective consciousness of teams, companies, and incidentally, about the sparkles in people’s eyes.
Video: Leadership within

If you would like to hear more about provocative ideas and progressive views from Slovenia, Austria, India, California, and Norway, please join us at the 1.International InCo Conference on Innovation Ecosystems in the National Council of Slovenia on the 21st of April 2011.
Let's explore together what may be waiting for us beyond the known boundaries. Let's create a higher density of consciousness, and I am sure we will discover many new, exciting and enormously dynamic views.

Aho, Violeta