Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Firewalk and it's deep transformation power

What a week I had... Sundoor, Peggy and Steve, all their assistance and the beautiful international crowd of new Sundoor Firewalk Instructors - generation 2008, Sierra-Nevada mountains, passion, magic, love, connection, understandings, transformations, fire kisses, hidden links and insights into non-ordinary reality... I could go on and on about my inner call that brought me to this course, about my visions about new tools for social transformation, but my pal Moses said it all, so clear, so simple, so right that I would encourage you to click on this link and get the full story. It is worth it: than click on this video too ... this will give you a visual perspective... woouuu, I still feel all the uneasiness, pride, excitement and cosmic appreciation deep inside... Thank you life for these beautiful gifts..I hope Slovenia can benefit from these powerful tools as well, I will try to do my best... I might see you at one of my workshops or at any of the Sundoor workshops. It is worth it! Aho.

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marcos said...

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