Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time to refocus our intention

January is well under way and if nothing else, innovation seems to be a topic and a theme of every business conversation, article, and strategy… yet, at the same time, it is frustrating … managers are realizing that it is not just another concept for which you take a model and systematically implement it into a daily practice… it requires much more than just a short term dedication, or a team of people that work on it as part of the corporate strategic project…Experiences show, that in order to upgrade a system from standard productivity and quality based environment to an innovative business environment, we need time, patience, and refocus from tools and structural approaches to people, holistic view and enormous faith, trust and respect for each other… so maybe it is time to shift our focus from innovation to people, from structures to relationships… maybe it is time for new business practices that see beyond known managerial approaches… I personally get inspired more and more by the natural behavior of the Universe (animals, humans, the animate and inanimate world because it seems to contain embedded order for sustainability and balance…

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peter ryan said...

Dear Ms Bulc.
You are so right, the material world in which we live, seems to be diominated by commercial “giants”, companies whose sole focus, and apparnet sole reason for existence, is the production of profit….for it’s own sake, and the benefit of the shareholder. This concept of “success” is in no way sustainable, within the paradigm that exists…we are seeing evidence of people’s disenchantment with acquisition, and material greed, and are looking fora new vision, a new way of approaching commercial relationships. Until people, in all their diversity, with all the talents, skills, and visions are truly valued, respected, and genuinely integrated into a non-heirarchical business structure, then the existing system of management will continue to swim against the current of a new concept.