Tuesday, December 25, 2007

For the end and for the new beginning

Few more days and the 2007 will open the doors for a new one. It was a really special year, full of challenges, turnovers, changes, unpredictable moves and deep revelations. A very dynamic year, indeed. Yet, rewarding too, with powerful keys and visions that will make the 2008 a year of progression and clarity.

As far as the innovation is concern, at least in Slovenia, it became well understood and accepted concept for growth and value creation. Innovation Journalism and Innovation Communication leaded the way for its better understanding, locally and globally, for the acknowledgement of the importance of creativity, individuality and freedom of thoughts. This is a needed foundation for prosperity of holistic economy. I hope we will all actively co-create its next development cycle. I am looking forward to sharing the cycles of visions and manifestations with all of you all around the globe. Aho.

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