Sunday, October 28, 2007

Innovation and the Turkey conference

The conference was really well organized. And we managed to provoke some positive reactions in the audience with the round table on innovation. It felt right. It seemed that the topic was well received, need. It is great to be a speaker when you feel that you managed to cause proliferation of thoughts. I really liked the comment of the lady that was translating simultaneously: “this was a great topic. Even we (translators) started wandering where and how we can be innovative”. Cool… so what were the major messages that we passed along:
- Every clusters needs to be build on an innovative core, e.g., an innovative product, or service, or business model, or system or a process.
- Innovation society needs cooperation of policy makers (environment), researchers (ideas), local communities (people, local environment), businesses (manifestation) and media (critical view, common language and understanding of concepts).
Much more about the conclusions can be seen at the conference page...... the awareness on innovation has just reached global level of discussion and this is hopefully a little contribution to it….

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