Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Turkey again

I haven’t written anything new for several days… time has such a different meaning at different times… paradox within itself… yet so much has happened in between, so many great sessions, projects, moments of love and compassion.
Yet I am back to Turkey at the “Clustering 07” conference in Istanbul. Very formal beginning with anthem, movie, showing the army power and red flags, dark suits. Tells so much about Turkey. Overlooking this in any kind of project it would be a mistake and ignorance. Important to remember. I am still very excited about the clustering project in Turkey… they can make it work if they really base it on the core social structures, means of communication and ways of doing business that has existed through out the centuries in this region. That is probably the largest mistake that countries or regions are making when following a success concepts of other regions/countries. They follow the idea by copying the processes as well… So often a dead end. Embrace the idea but include the local natural way of coexisting and behaving within … it seems that Turkey has learnt about this based on the reach experiences of other countries. Anyhow, these are the initial thoughts from the opening session of the conference. I’ll be back with more….

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