Monday, September 10, 2007

Proliferation of innovative thinking - Econtent Summit, Brioni 2007

What a cool conference… ( Econtent Summit) diversified on all levels, just to prove one more time the essence of collaborative networks and importance of multidisciplinary views for innovative thinking. What have the latest space technology from Japan, venture capital success stories from Stanford, BBC model in response to new media challenges, InJo, provocative and critical posters from all over the world, Nikola Tesla and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart genius minds, fake personalities, media coverage, governmental e-projects, and trash computer equipment in common? They all capitalize on creativity and contribute to a pool of knowledge and experiences that could be used for a sustainable improvement of innovation systems and processes. Well defined eSummit organized by eHrvatska, Internet Institute and Business Institute in a beautiful environment of Brioni Islands. The event proved one more time that technology is very useful but person to person exchange of views will always have and important position in proliferation of creative environments.