Saturday, June 16, 2007

The 2nd Conference on Innovation Journalism Stanford after Stanford is finished

The 2. Conference (this time international with a strong presentation of all sectors) on Innovation Journalism (Stanford after Stanford) and innovation drivers is over. And there are many strong emotions that I could draw out of the 2-day experience. I can confidently say that The Region from Turkey to Slovenia, and all the countries in between is waking up to the innovation as an opportunity of economical growth and sustainable development… not only that… things are happening as we speak. And different media (old and new) are playing an important role in this waking up call… pointing out the lack or the beauty of the presence of innovation, both is useful, important. Commissioner Poto─Źnik and Minister Turk were both very clear about that in their speeches, too. They were both cool, relaxed and very clear in importance of innovation for us, Slovenia, EU, the countries that care. Ms. Fink very clearly showed where a conscious work on innovation can lead, many active media people, academics, scientists and business representatives understood that the secret is in cooperation, dialog, honest exchange of views, data, results, visions and consequences…

David Nordfors was very visionary sensing the importance of the InJo concept a few years ago. Vinnova supported him. Today David with a help of Jan (great in presentations, as always) and Willi, along with Stanford, EJC and many more organizations, are leading a way in exploring this concept further… Slovenia is not much behind. I try my best to inspire and contribute hands on experiences of the use of the InJo concept.
The rewards added the charm to the first day and showed that people care, see the difference and appreciate a good media story. Trust and passion are those that make a complex truth an attractive media contribution. And we can say that the conference was all of that…
The workshops really made a difference. Brought sharp points out, asked for solutions and we, as participants, delivered. At the end we felt like a big community, that openly exchanged views, experiences and delivered some concrete solutions and calls for action. I am looking forward to cooperating in the future. This might be a new model for conferences all together.

Keep checking the the page… every day for the next few days there will be published new transcripts, podcasts, comments and views of the event … until completed for the full experience to those that missed it or want to follow up… Do not be ignorant, play the role… and do not forget to check the interviews on this blog… they are InJo story by themselves….
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