Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day2 at Stanford .. add2

“Solution is not the answer” seems to be accepted at the conference as a motto…. All speakers were directly or indirectly suggesting that we are all in a search of new models, customer driven content that…let me try to point out a few provocative thoughts:
- In media we will be seeing more and more opportunities in content aggregation and content channeling for selected market segments
- Due to the switching cost for customers being close to 0, media will need to look more like a sport club generating “fan club” and “gadgets stores” in order to keep the audience
- Audience wants to participate, be actively, yet, sporadically involved in news evolution; those providing such an environment will succeed
- Stories are even more aggressively coming in; the story that changes our mind is getting the attention
- Every industry needs a business plan for innovation. Media, too. The same applies to audience. People want to know that they are not left out
- Strong media is essential for democracy, is essential for growth
- Regionally focused innovation clusters – the concept of “regional”, needs to be re-thought. Global innovation networks replace global regions/clusters. The same logic but geographically independent.
- Focus is needed on competence rather on learning. The key is to learn by practice.

At the end… I am really tired today. So, no smart comments… just a question maybe: What is the future role of the West in this new world order?

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