Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day2 at Stanford .. add1

The first speech was a good introduction to the day. David is right. New things need new words and those words have to be well defined. So, that what his speech was all about. Let me share some of those and more you can find on the web:
- Innovation is the process of creating and delivering new customer value to the marketplace
- Innovation Systems present the flow of technology, information and capital among people.
- Innovation Communication Systems is the flow of attention. Attention workers are Journalists, PR & Communicators, Lobbyists, and Marketers.
- Innovation Journalism is about new things. New things need new words, new ways of presenting them.
- Innovation – introduction of something new.
- Innovation Systems: Competition between ideas. Alliances, compromises, conflicts, fights for attention. Winners implement their ideas on a marketplace.
So, the conclusion could be that InJo introduces names for new things. InJo gives language for discussing how innovation happens in society, allows people to communicate among each other with a common language infrastructure. Gives a framework of structural approach… and is allow constant change based on experiences and market changes. That is a good start of a new concept. InJo itself proves the model.

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