Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day1 at Stanford… add5 and

The afternoon sessions and workshops were talking about InJo challenges. Here are some that I would like to point out: university programs for journalists need more subjects on how businesses operate (innovation processes, product development, major science breakthroughs); a good example of such a studies is the Israeli an School of Communication (The Inter-Disciplinary College); secondly, Injo is not a commercial that could be spread on a piece of bread, it is a matter of attitude, a matter of values: do you want to be a better journalist, do you want to write better, more professionally; thirdly, we need a more educated and curious audience, so not only journalist need to learn more about innovation; in order for a society to move forward more and more people need to get aware about the need and the means of innovation; fourthly, we need to connect all that drive InJo concept closer together, probably at the beginning with RSS feeds and later with a more active international network… InJo is a movement and movements take time to evolve…. The last session was very “American”; it was interesting to learn how US press is in fact monopoly driven… the new media sector is stepping in, however, it will take time to shake it up and move it towards competitive markets… however, the view on how to solve the lack of interest in innovation was too narrow..... At the end I was ready to challenge the triple hex model (government, academia, business)… there is an important link missing – the manifestation layer (local communities, NGOs… media… ).. in the model itself.. only in that way we can actively address all of them….

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