Monday, May 21, 2007

Day1 at Stanford… add2

Sweden: Jan, the program manager at Vinnova, brought up an really important issue regarding the need for policy changes in order to move forward as an innovative society… Sweden is doing it… here are some Vinnova’s policy changes:
- Competences rather than research
- Learning rather than teaching
- From maintenance to competitiveness – because the economy is global,
- Acknowledging media as a primary source of information; therefore, media should be treated as an industry… in order to be competitive, all industries, including media, need to have a research, need to do analysis, predations, future visions…. Therefore, InJo is needed…
Where are we, in Slovenia? What kind of changes in content our administration is doing? The message here is clear… the move needs to be mutual… all parts of the society needs to move forward… otherwise some might feel threatened and they automatically become non-constructive part of the progress… it is desirable to be different, critical, we are in trouble if we are just a demolisher ….

- started introducing changes at the University level
- study shows that journalism in Finland dos not present future
- ICT is prevailing as a technology topic (“Nokia Effect”)
- they started with an association Finjo – community for covering the topic;
- they introduced the award for this year
Interesting approach…. We will exchange views and I already decide to follow their initiative on setting up associations… so we are start SinJo…. if you feel this is the path to follow you are invited to join..

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