Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 1 at Stanford …. add1

The first day, at 1000am (1700 Ljubljana time) local time, has started… a very powerful crowd from around the world…mostly journalists, professors of Journalism, research agencies, a few of us, entrepreneurs (over 250 attendees)… You can tell that the conference is maturing, becoming a powerful tool for raising the voice on innovation and media, governments, businesses, research space and community as a whole….The conference is opened by David, the father of the concept…. His main theme is “Journalism makes the innovation economy a part of democratic society”… and he made a special point on the need for innovation journalism that can be distinguished from journalism about politics (cynical), about business (hectic), …. InJo is more analytical, cross functional…It is offering a new business model (How to identify readership? What are the broader aspects and impacts of innovation? Where will the influences surface later on?)
It is becoming a very important tool for gathering valuable public information for administration bodies to see and hear what are the issues on innovation and hopefully follow up …. Slovenia is mentioned as one of the top contributors to the development of the concept…

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