Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Innovation is just one of the manifestations of the “Space of Creativity”

It seems that the world got obsessed with innovation. All over the world media suddenly are swapped by this word. More and more coverage is of substation value to understanding the world of innovation, written in the innovation journalism spirit. So, it might be just a right time to broaden the perspective. Let me try this by saying that innovation is just one of the products of the “space of creativity”. Saying it, I should define what I mean by that. OK. Under the space of creativity I understand the infrastructure and thinking individuals who through bonding allow maximization of individual wellbeing for the common good; where common is limited to the scope of the space, e.g. definition of the space. So, in order to truly understand the potentials and processes of innovation we need to start observing the space of creativity in relation to global consciousness, its elements and behavior. A friend of mine, Jozica, and I were brainstorming on this subject quite a while and some interesting co-relations have been defined. We agreed on the importance of co-creation and the lack of proper tools for transformation and networking of embedded creativity with the higher systems. So, innovation could as well be a core manifestation of creativity offering the right solution for the right needs in the right manner within a healthy system. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the space of creativity, tearing down the walls of fear, judgments and discouragements and instead, encouraging the self motivation, self initiation, networking, open space culture, manifestation of the best people have within… and the innovation will follow. Can media be the one who can recognize the broader view and start searching for conditions and co-relations that contributed to the actual appearance of innovation?