Thursday, March 15, 2007

World is not flat

The World does not need to be flat (any longer). Internet is becoming a powerful common infrastructure, common dominator that allows fantastic diversification, depth and broad variety of collaboration models. So, on a top of this fully distributed environment we see so many new layers, and depth. Above a large community a new specialized ones are forming. At the top of one application layer new are established. Business models are fully engaging in vertical and horizontal clustering. Cultural diversity finally gets a chance to be fully appreciated and integrated in all manifestations of our society. The same applies for the regional competences and natural advantages. Networks of diversity are being able to express their power. Therefore, Internet, especially the Net 2, really provide a flat layer but that is where the concept of “flat” stops. The rest is a tremendous differentiation that is based on the beauty of uniqueness of every individual, group, community, geographical position, historic momentum, potentials…. The world we live in could just not be described and perceived with the glasses of “old” society. The evolution made a huge jump. So big that is hard to see it.

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