Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What can shamanism contribute to innovation ecosystem

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks that it is hard to come back and write again. I‘ve started the Shamanic Academy and step by step I am learning about the fascinating world of nature, an individual and the complexity of holistic approach that I strongly believe is the future of our society and the base for creative social models. Each of us should really first work on his/herself to be able to interact with the outer world… it is so true for corporate environments (companies), as well. First you need to have strong internal relationships in order to proactively and successfully interact with customers, suppliers, owners, public, specially to ensure the sustainable long term growth. Probably the most important conformation at the beginning of this journey was the fact that once you open up the channels to your soul and spirits there is no room for doubt (did you know that there is a tribe in Peru that has in its language just options of yes and no.. they always know, they are never indecisive), no room for bluffing, no room for dishonesty … just lots of work and white energy… and than you suddenly understand that companies have it’s own soul as well, and we hardly ever pay attention to it. It’s own character. It’s own powers. And managing this along with knowledge and experiences is the winning combination for success. There is just so much more we have no clue about, no conscious awareness .. .and at that moment you realize and understand that the polygon of human creativity is just starting to surface.


Thomas said...

Pls tell me more about what this “Shaman Academy” is pls?

If you could mail me where I can learn more about it it would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Violeta said...

http://www.lendricklodge.com/… the top European center for holistic development… a big stress on shamanism… take a look

Ziga said...

Violeta, this connection does not work… Any other options? Thanx! Ziga

Violeta said...

Try this one more time….www.lendricklodge.com… I tried and it worked…V