Thursday, March 15, 2007

Venture funding might not be enough

It is great seeing all the effort regarding the encouragement of risk taking and entrepreneurship development, providing funds for great new ideas, creating the platforms for competition, one minute presentations… all this is needed, no doubt about it….at a certain stage of establishment of an innovation platform. But I can only hope that there is more than just neo-capitalistic approach to exploration of ideas and maximization of solely financial capital behind it. I hope somebody is telling to these great enthusiasts how important it is to build on sustainability in their thinking and strategic development. Not for the sake of the financial capital investors but for the sake of the entrepreneurs themselves that they can one day get up and be able to say, “I crated a wealth and I am happy, I live full life”. The last thing we need is on the top of socialistic exploitation another generation of neo-capitalistic exploitation. It is not enough to provide great idea generators with financial capital… they deserve a chance to at least understand the dimension of human capital (intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social). Of course I do not want to say that this is solely the role of the state, or the investors. It is a great opportunity for innovation ecosystem to overpass the old frameworks of thinking and doing and bravely explore the new ones that distributed environments and holistic economy are offering. It is Ok to unique approaches… even in Slovenia… to do it our own way… maybe it is time to stop copying over lived models and understand our uniqueness and manifest it through our own approach that.

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j. said...

I would love to agree with you. But history very rarely makes more than one step at the time. But maybe this neo-capitalistic model already includes sustainability as a base element. Let’s be optimistic.