Friday, March 16, 2007

Salzburg Seminar - the inspiration and a challenge

It is just so great to be positively surprised. To be inspired. To be really intellectually challenged. It does not happen that often any longer. But the Salzburg Seminar on “The new Information Networks: Challenges and Opportunities for Business, Governments, and Media” managed to just do that. Meeting on one place so many incredible people, be able to hear, experience, exchange so many profound and diversified views on the most vivid global challenges related to new technologies and social transformations, exceed all my expectations. Started naming people that contributed to the excitement most would probably be unfair to the rest, since only as a community we were able to create this diversified space. But still Michael Welsch, the author of one of the most popular videos ever published on YouTube and professor of anthropology, with his personal story really demonstrated the power and culture of Web 2.0 communities. Christoph Mohn, the 6th generation of Bertelsmann family and director of LYCOS showed a business understanding of the emerging technologies and in some aspects the conceptual misunderstanding of the behavior of Net community. Yochai Benkler professor from Yale Law School, Andleeb Abbas professor and business consultant from Pakistan, Milena Bukova an executive director of media NGO from Bulgaria, Kemi Ayanda and advocate of development and change in Nigeria, Victor Mayer-Schonberger professor from Harvard University, Paul Sterne, the chief financial officer and general manager Americas of Open-Xchange, Inc. , Noel Hidalgo, freelance business and lifestyle consultant, blogger, Wilfried Rutten, director of the European Journalism Center, Stefan Blachfellner from Indaba, were continuously opening up views and thoughts and challenging my perceptions. I know that my understanding of the role of technologies, local richness, behavior and human desires, and needs has been enlightened with new relations, content and empowered with new tools. I feel more connected. I feel freer. I become even more aware about the power of self motivated, active masses and the power of response. Benjamin, thanks for inviting me.


Ziga said...

Salzburg seminar is really amazing place. I was there about 2 years ago, being the youngest in history, which was special hnoured for me. Any yes, networking there is amazing.

Probably you do not know, I am still Alumni Leader for Slovenia, although I think you would be the best person fo that. I would love to pass this role to you and help you that we develop awarness of Salzburg Seminar in Slovenia.

What do you think? Write me email or we should get together and drink tea.

Benjamin Glahn said...

We would be delighted to help in way we can to develop more awareness of the Salzburg Seminar in Slovenia. Anything we can do to help, please let us know. And thank you Violeta for coming. It was a pleasure having you here, and I hope you will come again!

j. said...

Next time I’d love to join you there.

Violeta said...

We’ll keep you posted…V

Ziga Vavpotic said...

Pred dnevi sem na Violetinem blogu videl, da je tudi Violeta bila tam. Seveda je bila navdušena. Sedaj se morava dogovoriti, da bi prevzela Alumni klub, ki ga sedaj vodim jaz, kar se mi zdi prevelika čast. Seveda pa bova skupaj naredila verjetno kakšen korak k temu, da bo Salzburg Seminar postal tudi v Sloveniji bolj popularen, čeprav je veliko znanih Slovencev že bilo tam, a verjetno vam tega niso niti povedali.