Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another moment of inspiration and deep learning.

It was another moment of inspiration and deep learning. Today. At the lecture that I had for SIQ as part of the PIM project. What a great group of people, rich experiences, constructive thoughts, opened dialogs. At the moments like this one I feel my mission fulfilling, I connect with true challenges and opportunities of the space I actively am involved in. Innovation being the core subject is opening up so many real life issues. Words like movement, collective consciousness, social consciousness, cross-functional teams, constructive dialog, get a real, meaningful dimension. There is still too much fear, jealousy, lack of self-motivation, lack of self-activation, lack of global perspectives. But it is improving. More people are asking themselves “is there a better way”, “can we do it differently”, “who are we”, “who am I”. And it is true, for a society to move on you need a large base. But it has to start somewhere and there is always the first, the second, the hundredth, the .. so, if each of us who were part of this session, will integrate some of the shared experiences in the daily (business) life I am sure the impact will continue and more than 16 people will continue challenging everything we know, understand, take for granted. And the evolution will make a new step in its own sustainable growth. And then we will realize that there is already more of us, hundreds, thousands even in such a small country as Slovenia. Those that believe in good, that believe in light and in the well being. Who understand that only out of good for ourselves can we actively participate in creation of a platform that can bring the best out of many more; show them the beauty they posses and steer it into creative thinking; the manifestation of the core competences we all have deep inside.

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