Sunday, February 11, 2007

The first patterns on innovation ecosystems started to come out

The class on Innovation management and innovative management (IMIM) at DOBA University is over. What a great experience. Classical study and e-learning. Over 200 students all-together. We covered the internal and external forces that have an impact on innovative ecosystem (including the Innovation journalism as one of the latest tools for sustainable innovation growth), the role and competences of IMIM, and the elements of innovation process, including the final project that has to include all phases of innovation process resulting into an innovative product or service. Students really surprised me with the enthusiasm and the level of commitment they put into their projects to practice the innovative process. I have to make a step forward in that part of the curse and allow broader audience to be part of the final presentation.
This experience just reinforced my believes that for a successful innovation ecosystem we need a critical mass of people that actively participate in the innovation process, possibly in cross-functional teams, an open energy field and a broad scope of knowledge. I have now hands-on experiences on a local community level, in a corporate environment and in academic environment, and the first patterns of innovation ecosystems started to come out…. This blog will have much more to offer in the future…


j. said...

Can you share with us more about the first patterns of innovation ecosystems that started to come out… What are the patterns you are talking about?

Violeta said...

Right now these are just notes and generic observations… but at least I can share:

- INNOVATION IS NOT OBVIOUS TO PEOLE. the reasons could be find in upraising, learning approach, but most importantly - there are just a few environments/societies that implemented innovation as a value (I’ve seen it happened only in advanced academic teams, some really on the edge companies); however, if we want to move forward this needs to be a value of a broader community, preferably society

- PEOPLE still in most cases BELIEVE that INFORMATION ARE PRIVILEGE that they need to protect in order to hold on positions they have - a big obstacle for innovation that needs open pool of knowledge, experiences and visions in order to continuously create NEW, different (more elements we have to play with more ideas we can generate)

- LACK OF action energy and willingness to spontaneously accept the RESPONSIBILITY (specially when situation provides) - innovation process deals with unknown and as such all we can really be sure of is that there are many challenges ahead of us and that we will need to constantly adjust, innovate and many times change the course of actions in order to reach the goal, and even the goal can change …. so the actors of the process need to be able to make decisions, act, change, jump..

- and the 4th one that is quite obvious in all environments: innovation systems need leaders… there is a lack of holistic leaders, ones that can with ought jealousy act as a coordination/vision node - ones that can manage networks of diversity and grow with them