Monday, January 29, 2007

Open Source Society - an importan concept for future organisations

A few days ago has launched a new web system (pages, portals…) in it will be available in English in 10 days, as well…. At first it looks like a simple page, yet I believe, we made 2 important moves:
1. all the coding is done in an open source environment with an idea in mind to come up with an architecture that could be used as a primary tool for implementation of the internal corporate innovation space
2. we used the relational data base architecture to optimize the process of updating and efficient linking/flow of information
For the devoted members of the Open space society (OSS) this might be the most trivial thing, yet, in the standard business world this is not so obvious. The concept of the OSS is too cool to keep it within the devoted internet group It is a great concept for the future organizations (self conscious space)…


j. said...

Congratulations for the new website and especially for the move towards an open source spirit! I imagine this step was inevitable, because it totally fits in your vision… but anyway… e107 looks interesting and I’m really interested in how it’ll work out as a toll for implementation of the internal corporate innovation space… wish you all the best!!!

Violeta said...