Saturday, January 6, 2007

Businesses and media are taking a lead towards a self concious society

What a dynamic time we all live in. It seems like the concept of globalization is finally showing some firm results in Slovenia. We are accepting the fact that only internationalized businesses with a clearly defined market niches and leading positions (Trimo, Tipro, PipiStrel, Litostroj Ulitki) have a potential for a long term sustainable growth. And this new level of consciousness some how opened up the barriers for a domestic and regional cooperation, as well. The jealousy is slowly but surly stepping aside, making room for constructive networking (Mercator, Optima, Merkur), and integration of global ideas into daily life (Innovation management as a subject at DOBA University and InJo as one of the topics), complimenting our core competences and the advantages we have. Business and media need to continue taking the lead in progressive manifestation of changes for a successful transformation from learning to thinking and self conscious (holistic) society.

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