Monday, January 29, 2007

Open Source Society - an importan concept for future organisations

A few days ago has launched a new web system (pages, portals…) in it will be available in English in 10 days, as well…. At first it looks like a simple page, yet I believe, we made 2 important moves:
1. all the coding is done in an open source environment with an idea in mind to come up with an architecture that could be used as a primary tool for implementation of the internal corporate innovation space
2. we used the relational data base architecture to optimize the process of updating and efficient linking/flow of information
For the devoted members of the Open space society (OSS) this might be the most trivial thing, yet, in the standard business world this is not so obvious. The concept of the OSS is too cool to keep it within the devoted internet group It is a great concept for the future organizations (self conscious space)…

Friday, January 26, 2007

The future of organizational structures

Just a thought…. Two of the characteristics of learning space (value creation primarily through quality) are flat organization and the system of continuous improvements… in thinking space (value creation primarily through innovation) these two elements evolve into net organizations and innovative process. In self-conscious space (value creation primarily through intuition and life-energy) spider net and natural growth are the adequate elements. And the thought I am developing is that the major difference between flat and net organizations and spider nets is in the growth approach. The first two still need a hierarchy in order to grow. In spider nets the growth is inspired by the natural growth of the holistic cells (individuals or groups) and is a subject of a natural behavior – growth from a node out, e.g., a holistic node knows when is time to split, join… it initiates not only follows…. It is self motivated… it uses its intuition in order to connect and disconnect…. Let’s see where will this lead me… any thoughts?

Students at DOBA

Yesterday I had last practice with a group of students before the exam at Innovation Management course at DOBA University. They needed to practice the innovation process by coming up with a truly innovative product or service for a market niche they had to specify first. They were amazing. They had quite a limited time for the completion of the assignment, yet they came true as professionals with animated introduction of their ideas. And their common experience: it was very valuable that they let at the initial brainstorming everybody to participate the ideas; most of the activities identified within a group later on were performed in parallel. One of the most important steps was the definition of the behavior of the target group at the beginning of the project launch. They had fun while working. All the groups completed the assignment and most of the products could actually be used … Really cool. They’ve started the innovative thinking progress and process.. and I hope they got encouraged enough to continue with the same innovation enthusiasm also in the future….

From an individual to a critical number

The last two weeks I’ve been receiving some really cool letters from a dear friend of mine, traveling in Australia. He has been making some incredible changes in his life… his travel to truly connect with himself, to understand his true essence has opened up really valuable thoughts about holistic individuals and their contribution to a “different” world order… towards holistic economy… It just reconfirms my thoughts that only those that are truly themselves can resonate freely with the essence of others and build a long-term sustainable growth for the benefit of all shareholders… It always starts and ends at an individual…. And the challenge of innovative society is to reach the critical number of those individuals who are truly wiling to start their personal transformation and progress towards an holistic individual …

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Businesses and media are taking a lead towards a self concious society

What a dynamic time we all live in. It seems like the concept of globalization is finally showing some firm results in Slovenia. We are accepting the fact that only internationalized businesses with a clearly defined market niches and leading positions (Trimo, Tipro, PipiStrel, Litostroj Ulitki) have a potential for a long term sustainable growth. And this new level of consciousness some how opened up the barriers for a domestic and regional cooperation, as well. The jealousy is slowly but surly stepping aside, making room for constructive networking (Mercator, Optima, Merkur), and integration of global ideas into daily life (Innovation management as a subject at DOBA University and InJo as one of the topics), complimenting our core competences and the advantages we have. Business and media need to continue taking the lead in progressive manifestation of changes for a successful transformation from learning to thinking and self conscious (holistic) society.