Tuesday, December 26, 2006

At the end and at the beginning

My dear friends… I have not been writing for a while. Not that I have nothing to say. The opposite. So many important events, moves, breakthroughs have happened. So many great projects, reactions, after words manifestations of our yearly activities happened that they almost started a movement (which is hard to follow). And there is no real need for it either… That is the beauty of the movement… it has its own rules and is like a virus… keeps changing and transforming and at the end you do not recognise it any longer. But the core values somehow stay and that’s why is so important to put them in place at the beginning… To make a long story short: I was simply overloaded. With all the goodies, challenges, the end of the year projects…That is another characteristic of being an entrepreneur… you are limited to the limits of yourself… But there are quite some innovations coming up right at the beginning of the year… and I will step by step inform you about all of them… For the time being, allow me to wish you all a really special new year that will bring you all the right moves needed for the progress and fulfilment of your path… and since emotions, spiritual dimensions and energies are becoming more and more important even in creation of innovative societies, let me finish with the words of love of one of the poets I appreciate most:
The connection of love is total.
In love, difference disappears
And the human soul accomplishes
Its object in perfection,
Exceeding its own boundaries
And traversing the threshold of infinity.
(Rabindranath Tagore)


Mile Cucek said...

wishing you a happy New Year - go for it

Mile and Andreja

j. said...

When I read your post, I realized, that the principle of virus is the most basic principle of life - it is the principle of replicating and so staying alive, passing on the information. I think we should invent a principle of how to built this principle into “knowledge”, so knowledge would really become free and self replicating (and not guarded in brains as a source of power). That I think could be the next phase of human civilization - the civilization of constantly developing minds.

Violeta said...

maybe we can just follow up the Open source Society principles….