Saturday, October 21, 2006

A school with a view at the foot of Triglav and on the shore of lake Bled

IEDC, School with a view, has celebrated 20th anniversary. A truly remarkable achievement with a profound and global reach. As Ms.Danica Purg says, the Dean and Director of IEDC, »In two decades, more than 35,500 managers from around the globe have participated in our programs and the School has significantly contributed to management development in Central and Eastern Europe.” The program was reach. A special thanks was given to the innitial supporters of the project, specially to Marko Bulc who Danica called the founding father of the school. The keynote speaker at the ceremony were Dr. Ichak Adizes, a renowned management guru and one of the world’s leading experts in change management, while the round table featured renowned professors and business people: Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann, professor at IMD Lausanne and founding director of the Evian Group of industrialists, Dr. Erhard Busek, Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact for SEE and former Vice Chancellor of Austria, Prof. William Fischer, IMD Lausanne, Wilfried Grommen, General Manager for Citizenship, Microsoft, EMEA, Paris, Bert Heemskerk, Chairman of the Executive Board, Rabobank the Netherlands, Hiroshi Nagata, Ex Vice President Mitsui & Co, Prof. Pedro Nueno, IESE Barcelona. All the speakers were very inspiring, yet, a simple message of Adizes will stick with me for ever. “We need trust and respect and the rest will follow”.
However, looking at the podium I could not avoid raising a question to myself «Do only man have problems with leadership…since only they were addressing this issue«… and there could be more truth to this that it seems at the beginning. We are in the era that needs new tools for leading fruitful life and Jin energy is the one helping to develop those tools. Men seem to have some troubles using the Jin energy… so, the answer could as well be” YES”. We need a balance and understanding of both Jin and Jang within every individual. We need constructive discussions to take place among men and women. Only than we can hope to seek a better balance in life and in the world overall.

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