Saturday, October 7, 2006

Innovation at the Yearly Managers Meeting

October 5th and 6th the Association of Managers of Slovenia had it's yearly summit with a special ceremony for the Manager of the Year Award. This year’s honor went to Mr.Colaric, President of the board of pharmaceutics company Krka. This was one of the most fruitful Fall meeting in the history of the association. Specially, the second day way attended well. And this is really good news since the topic of the second day was Innovation. Mr. Potocnik, EU Commissioner for research, H.P. Tschirky, prof. em. Of technology and Innovation management from ETH, and the round table (J.Potocnik, T.Fink, H.P.Tschirky, F.Bobinac, G.Liarokapis, S.Smuc, V.Bulc) opened several views and issues regarding the innovation process. The discussion was lively and it went towards identifying resolutions based on the best practice experiences. Probably the most important messages that came out were: EU, including Slovenia, has to continue intensively investing in innovation. But at the same time we should not neglect the importance of Mother Earth and people and creative individuals. In addition, we all agreed that we need to do everything to get innovation issues and stories on the first pages of newspapers, on the prime time. Only with a cross functional co-operation we will be able to move forward faster. Really cool event and I hope that more and more (young) managers will continue to actively participate is such important topics and willingly take actions within their realm of work.

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