Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Important InJo Event

The 1. European workshop on Innovation Journalism (InJo) is over. 62 registered participant, all major Slovenian media houses present, presence of 7 countries, the network of 6 co-organizers, 15 supporters from a business sector, one full day of activities .
In addition, we were recognized as a reliable partner of VINNOVA for the organization of a Regional Conference on Innovation Journalism (June 07) as part of the preparation for the European Commission’s Minister Conference on Innovation Systems and Cluster Development in Stockholm in 2007. The conference is initiated by the EU Commission, through the PRO INNO Europe Cluster Alliance, and organized by VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. The aim of the conference is to produce a common policy, development strategies and action program for cluster development and innovation systems for the EU. More about that see on .
The key note speaker of the workshop was Stanford researcher and Innovation Journalism program director David Nordfors who clearly stressed the importance of news media as an actor in the interaction between innovation and public attention within public innovation policy and research.
With this workshop Slovenia reinforced her role among the leading countries on development of progressive innovation ecosystems. The workshop proved one more time that Innovation Journalism is a new global paradigm and an important building stone for progressive business ecosystems that can ensure a sustainable long term growth. At the same time the concept needs a lot of local support in order to become a daily mind set. It needs a lot o dialog, trust, mind challenges and manifestation. It needs an open space, a decentralized environment where creativity and innovation can really get wings and roots.

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