Thursday, September 28, 2006

A new dimention

Hi! It's been a long time since my last entry. Yet so much had happened. Where to begin. The unbelievable journey to Peru is definitely the highlight of these past weeks. Specially the touch with the spiritual part of it. Not even speaking about the scenery, the ruins and the fantastic group that I had a pleasure to share the travel with. Thanks to the Landrick Lodge and Steven for this opportunity, thanks to Adriel, Gabriel, Peo, Adolfo, Sebastjan, Paulo, Rosita and the rest of the natives for their worm hospitality and willingness to share their deepest cultural treasures with us. The entire experience goes so well with the latest book of Danah Zohear and Ian Marshall: Spiritual Capital – The Wealth We Can Live By that I had a pleasure to meet in Ljubljana (thanks to Almir) and be part of the conference where she presented her school of thoughts. Spirituality is for sure one of the unexplored dimensions that leaders have not consciously addressed. Yet, it has almost unlimited treasures for better work, for a better world. Holistic economy based on spiritual capital closely connected to intellectual and financial capital is probably the best answer to this greedy neo-capitalistic option that is proven to be a dead end in development of a modern society. Ahoj.