Wednesday, August 9, 2006

to be able to believe in what we see

Ouu, what a concert. I went to see it without real expectations and it touched me deeply. What a performance. The violinist Julian Rachlin was really good at the interpretation of Mozart. But we know that. However, the way he integrated his guest violinist Lidia Baich and the entire Lithuanian orchestra was a school case of a successful management. The body language, the energy in the air, the liveliness of his eyes, the enthusiasm, team work, … the leadership at its best; true innovation in happening, right there, in front of us… I wish more managers, leaders were present… that is where you can really feel the inspiring leadership and understand why every project, concert, company, team is a being itself, with its own charisma. At the moments like this you understand that the innovations are happening all around us… probably it is time that we make some efforts to be able to believe in what we see (instead just seeing what we believe in).

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