Thursday, August 24, 2006

The launch of the pilot projects on InJo

Today was another special day. The press conference on InJo projects in Slovenia (InJo reward, ILoComm, InJo workshop) connected a really constructive and engaged group of people. The dialog was launched and the InJo community gained other valuable hands on experiences. The major messages could be read in the Press Conference report. In short, we all need to learn in order to cooperate. We need to put additional efforts in setting up the infrastructure for a constructive exchange of information on innovation and innovation systems with an additional stress on relationships and innovation means. We need a tolerance for different points of view and communication techniques, jargon that comes with it. Yet, today’s group proved that it is possible to establish the initial level of trust and the openness needed for the acceptance and launch of new concepts, views. Only that can lead to understanding of the true implications and meanings of innovation and innovation systems. Academia, business, the state agency, drivers for the growth of local community and media were able to develop the initial ground and common understanding needed for the sustainable development of innovation ecosystem. I am sure, we'll all try to do our best to gain over and over again new experiences and perspectives for effective value creation. These 3 projects will give us a perfect ground for the manifestation of our views and concepts. It is just so rewarding to be part of such a project. Thanks to the team, especially to RCL who's organization of the event was perfect.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

to be able to believe in what we see

Ouu, what a concert. I went to see it without real expectations and it touched me deeply. What a performance. The violinist Julian Rachlin was really good at the interpretation of Mozart. But we know that. However, the way he integrated his guest violinist Lidia Baich and the entire Lithuanian orchestra was a school case of a successful management. The body language, the energy in the air, the liveliness of his eyes, the enthusiasm, team work, … the leadership at its best; true innovation in happening, right there, in front of us… I wish more managers, leaders were present… that is where you can really feel the inspiring leadership and understand why every project, concert, company, team is a being itself, with its own charisma. At the moments like this you understand that the innovations are happening all around us… probably it is time that we make some efforts to be able to believe in what we see (instead just seeing what we believe in).

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Ego drive and the advanced societies

Its summer time… it seems that everything took a vacation paste. On a surface. In real, at least in Slovenia, reshaping is going on all levels. We finally see the true face of our government, the politics, stories and cases of expected practices came out. Always the same story. You are either with us or against us. The people? Who are the people? Well, innovation concepts and the pressure for manifestation and results might change a course of action at least a little bit. Innovation at its best is happening in the globally positioned corporate environments, on local levels, where they fight to create new jobs and opportunities for decent life style… And there is where I see the people... on the front lines… will they become the victims of the innovation front? Could the need for innovation change the shape, dynamics and the development of communities, leadership… I surly hope so. It is just so wonderful seeing people at their best, in the thinking process, on the search for something new… Any good idea how to keep politicians happy in their drive for ego fulfillment and at the same time continue the process of decentralization and the core competence development of individual, groups, societies?