Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slovenian Forum for Innovation

Another push has been made in Slovenia to bring a broader awareness to the public regarding the impact of innovation – the Slovenian Forum for Innovation. The invitation is appealing; however, if you try to access the page a password is needed, with no instructions how to obtain it…. The first step is not encouraging, however, I hope that this is just a beginner’s mistake and has nothing to do with the concept itself… Innovation if nothing else needs an open space for the exchange of ideas and experiences … for the good of ourselves and the world as a whole… we need to learn that being innovative is the sign that we finally are using our (human) potentials…so, we should understand that more we share more we learn… At the same time the project created a competition to the existing system for Innovation Awards within Chamber of Commerce that has been growing in its popularity for the last 5 years … since competition usually brings quality improvement let’s hope that this is the case here, as well.

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Jan Sandred said...

Try this link: http://infos.si/foruminovacij