Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slovenian Forum for Innovation

Another push has been made in Slovenia to bring a broader awareness to the public regarding the impact of innovation – the Slovenian Forum for Innovation. The invitation is appealing; however, if you try to access the page a password is needed, with no instructions how to obtain it…. The first step is not encouraging, however, I hope that this is just a beginner’s mistake and has nothing to do with the concept itself… Innovation if nothing else needs an open space for the exchange of ideas and experiences … for the good of ourselves and the world as a whole… we need to learn that being innovative is the sign that we finally are using our (human) potentials…so, we should understand that more we share more we learn… At the same time the project created a competition to the existing system for Innovation Awards within Chamber of Commerce that has been growing in its popularity for the last 5 years … since competition usually brings quality improvement let’s hope that this is the case here, as well.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

InJo and innovative local communities

A great news. Center for the development of Litija (RCL) has been awarded the first round of funds for the project »City of Innovation«. One of the primary tools in the first phase of the project will be the Innovation Journalism (InJo). We are proud to be the initiator of the idea and the member of the project team.
In order to ensure the development of innovative local communities a proactive social capital needs to be developed. Innovation needs .... form more www.vibacom.si/violeta

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Something has changed in the land of Kekec and Pehta

An important change towards the innovation has been made in Slovenia… at the re>cent »Rewards for Innovation Achievements 2006« event at the Chamber of Commerce.... the president of the evaluation group announced that they no longer evaluate only the invention itself but the entire innovation process: the analysis and the development stage, the implementation stage and the marketing stage. That is the way to go… they started rewarding the results not only predictions and believes that the authors of the invention had… the rewards for innovation seek marker approval, as well …I hope other institutions and the business sector will follow this journey of in-depth understanding of a true value of innovation and innovation processes.. only than we could start managing them successfully….