Sunday, June 11, 2006

my rythems of the life of innovation

The last few months have been the most exciting business period in my life… I feel like I have been living in world of innovation … I have been writing about innovation, making innovative products, developing innovative processes, stimulating new partnerships, trying to add a little piece to creation of innovation society… well the results are here and they are quite exciting …the project »book as a self being« is developing daily (along with the printed, audio and e-versions)… Apple just gave us a little support there… I hope to strengthen the cooperation and get down to some marketable results shortly… InJo took off in Slovenia…I was appointed to the advisory board at Stanford University for the Innovation Journalism program, and on the top of it… I just learned that we have won the prestigious professional reward for the best consulting project of the year in Slovenia, called the Feniks reward, the second time in the last 3 years. We are so proud on our customer Steklarna Hrastnik – Opal Ltd., that with a strong collective consciousness managed to penetrate a very difficult European market and made it to the top. Two years of a hard work of restructuring and change management on all levels and all sub-systems delivered results and we together won the Feniks … innovation really makes sense.. it drives the value add creation and empowers people… it is so much fun to be part of it…

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