Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It happened. The message came and I followed…. That was pretty much how this great event on the 20.4.05 at FDV came about. The innovation Journalism concept and its mission vibrate really well with my views and believes. I believe in dialog and cooperation. Even on a level of a country that is the only way to progressively move forward. So, can media really respond? Will they have enough patience to develop the customer base for more in depth articles? It is definitely worth trying. In the next social cycle innovation as the primary force for value add creation will be replaced with something else, yet, in order to be widely accepted will need a support of media again. How can businesses and academia and the state contribute to that and avoid at the same time the “PR” connotation? How can journalists separate what has a true socio-economical impact and what is a promotion? We might want to look for an answer in business practice. Constant dialog, cooperation, presence, critical exchange of information, visions, and results are the moves that create the collective consciousness in corporate environments. Are we seeing the media sector getting more interconnected, interrelated? Will they blend in more? Could there be a need for a continues training and education for journalists, as well… not only on the spot but also formally on a long run… Are the programs that Finish, Swedish and Stanford University introduced the right way to go? The preliminary results are confirming the need for a strategic orientation. Will Slovenia follow? Let's see what kind of answers the conference will offer… the innovation age is surely exciting one and it has just started…. To follow the progress of the conference live, tune in to the conference blog V.

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