Thursday, April 20, 2006

A few hours after the conference

The conference is over and I can not thank enough to all the participants for all the efforts and the great energy that they helped to create in the room. Some hot issues were raised, provocative lines placed on the table and even the first suggestions for the possible solutions provided…the dialog was productive and constructive… I believe that the purpose of the conference was achieved. There were the right people in the room, those that can make a difference, those that care. The administrative procedures stopped us from signing the letter of intent officially, even though It was finalized between TIA and Stanford in the morning… I know that it will be completed in the next few days… so, as Sonja pointed out today, it is an individual turn to act on his/her best possible way… innovation, innovation systems, innovation society are the true visions that need a support from all of us… at the end, the innovation is the only real driver for value add creation and as such the source for the future development, growth and prosperity… Thanks to David, the director of the Innovation Journalism program at Stanford and Jan from VINNOVA… your presence added excellent sparkles… we proved one more time the importance of the networks and the value of the global perspective…

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