Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Monolog is out dialog is in…

I can not believe how fast these days are flying… I am getting ready for the Stanford's conference on Innovation Journalism, getting my first book out, trying to keep up with the two new projects that we just have launched… and of course trying to get done the work that pays the bills … meanwhile, also take care of my family and have some personal life, as well… quite a challenge… yet lot's of fun… However, the latest letter that was forwarded to me by my colleague Edita, got me in motion to add a new entry to the blog… the letter came from Bob Garfield, the famous critic of the advertising of today… his words speak for themself…«There is a revolution afoot. It is at your door. And, whether you like it or not, that door is soon coming down. The world's of media and marketing are quickly turning upside down -- literally, in the sense that the Internet is transforming the power and control from the medium and the marketer to the consumer.

The consumer chooses what content to view (or hear) when and where he wishes. The consumer controls which advertising messages to accept, which to skip over and, sometimes, which to pass along to friends. The economic model that has supported television, radio, magazines and newspapers is collapsing of its own weight. f you try to barricade the door -- for instance, by endlessly debating the agency-client relationship and the merits of daring creative product -- the roof will come down on you. What you should be discussing is how marketers can have conversations with consumers -- not monologues, but conversations« the monolog and broadcasting have been replaced by dialogs… can we adjust to that quickly enough…..

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