Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Language barrier is still an issue

It is really funny what a strong barrier the language could still be… a good example is this blog that can not attract many comments; however, it is well visited by numerous fellows. Visitors are primarily locals, since blog is promoted only domestically. Yet it seems that the fact that the blog is in English, visitors read but do not write. So, how can we expect to confidently participate in the global discussions if we are afraid of making mistakes, even in spelling? (Of course this is written under the impression that the comments on the blog are interesting enough that they are worth commenting on)… the new translation tools might have a much larger market than it appeared at the beginning… so would such a tool mean on the long run the end of the need for universal language? For creative and innovative (global) societies the thoughts need to flow (like it is/was the case for the money) and the common platform is certainly needed either in a form of a common language or common IT tool to provide the same service….


markoh said...

Knowing that, I’m in the process of finding a blog engine that supports easy localization. Content can be posted in slovenian easily but other parts of the engine should be slovene too, for instance this replay form.

Most slovenian blog engine are not good enough (or customizable enough) to be used for serious company blog. And with so many great international blog engines I’m really not into developing another one myself just to support localization.

Violeta said...

was more thinking about the translation tools that translate the content… on-line converstions… like those the US Marins are using in Irak and that in Japan now use to translate the cat and dog language to a human one… I know that it is bizzar but they are improving daily…V