Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Innovative leadership

Days have been flying by...and if it wasn't for the dates I would not believe how long ago the last entry was... however all this days have been filled with issues on innovation... Slovenia has woken up... innovation for sure has become one of the most frequently used words... in media, in speeches on daily business meetings... so, it is time to start openly speaking about innovative leadership and management of innovation processes... I believe this will be the critical point for moving from words to actions... more complex, advanced, global we become more value a good leadership has... and how can you lead the innovation age if you are not innovative, how can we learn, where can we learn from about innovative leadership... not too many books have been out there addressing this, blogs might be the best source to start collecting leadership experiences and sharing the new visions... Personally I believe that the future is in networks, I dare to challenge a step further and say that as leaders we need to start training ourselves for holistic understanding of the world and for a management of individual holistic nodes (humans) in loose spider net organizational structures...


Tomaž said...

I can’t agree there is a lack of books about innovation in management. For instance, simply go to and search for “innovation”, “leadership” and “management”. In fact there are also many articles available. Especially in HBR and McKinsey and similar publications. Also in latest BusinesWeek readers can find interesting article about most successful innovating companies in the world (top 25).
Next topic Id’ like to address is the awakening phase of Slovenia in terms of innovation. I’m afraid it is a looooong way from a bed to the world outside. Or to put it in another words … from idea to result or as you wrote from words to actions. Yet actions are only a tool to get there where we are headed (hopefully we know our goal).
So for more innovation in our companies there are two approaches available basically. Implementation in existing (old) companies and starting from scratch an open minded, innovative and creative new company. Each of both approaches is quite a challenge. According to my personal experiences it would defenitely take new people. And the question is where these people who lead companies come from? From our schools and universities ususally … meaning the students coming out of the faculties are the ones that should take the responsability for the innovative leadership and managment in few years. Are they trained in such manner?

Have a nice day,

Violeta said...

Tomaž… you have pointed out one of the core issues.. where to learn… I believe that the school is just one of the possible environments for advanced training and education… we probably need to search even deeper… my experiences are showing that what really matters is that the internal strengths of each individual are awakened… we all have so many talents, yet, we hardly ever use them… when I work with clients we are successful when we get each individual involved… their thoughts, doubts, ideas… so, it is great if we achieve that with kids, it is not too late to try with adults, as well, and there we fail many times… we think it is too late and we do not try hard enough… yet, I’ve learnt: everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to be happy… everyone wants to be useful… and that is the true source of a reward for what we do… and since we need a critical mass in order to launch big projects… let’s start with a small pilot projects and than continue along the line to get the movement going… and you are for sure one of those drivers of change that can make a difference…violeta