Thursday, March 2, 2006

For innovative society we need to get on the groun level and media can play there a vitial role

So, what kind of role the media can play in the overall innovation matter… it seems the role is larger than it appears at the beginning… media is vital in the creation of innovation as a value of the society, on the local, sate or regional level…. media can create a common understanding of what innovation really is and how can it help bringing the standard of living to a higher level… we had a discussion on a radio show the other day and the message was clear: in order to really use all the benefits of innovation concept all parts and levels of a society need to get actively involved, media as well… similar message was passed at the roundtable on Innovation Journalism at the TIA’s »Festival on Innovation«. Yet, the obstacles on the »ground« level are quite basic, and not systematically dealt with. That was well formulated at the workshop at the Chamber of Commerce of Ljubljana Region, where issues as »general public has not recognized and acknowledged innovation as an important and useful tool«, »people are confused about the definition of innovation«, »innovators are considered »strange««, »government is not taking innovative solutions seriously« etc. … all this examples are leading us back to the initial statement – media can play a major role in setting up the right atmosphere for innovation society and speed up the process for innovation to becom »business as usual«, and the right attitude »in action« from the government can be of a great help, as well….


LUCY said...

thank you very nuch for this site that give good educative materials for the mass communicators

Violeta said...

thank you… please add your experiences… v