Sunday, February 12, 2006

we can learn a lot from a butterfly

Just recently I have read Sue Monk Kidd's book, »When The Heart Waits«. Many messages from this book made deep influence on my state of mind. Particularly one of them. The story of a butterfly. Butterfly was for a long time for me a romantic connection with my childhood. Yet, latest deep understand of messages that the butterfly is bringing to all of us, especially to the business world, made me think about nature from quite a different perspective. Butterflies are telling us a story how dramatic changes in our lives are sometimes necessary for our development and growth. They are telling us that each phase in our lives has a special meaning. So, it is not wise to try to skip them. Even though they sometimes appear to be unrelated they are in fact deeply down, part of a whole. Lava and cocoon are visually two different beings, yet, in fact they belong to a transformation process of the same organism. Even more they are just phases on a way to a butterfly that does not resemble any similarity with any of its pre-forms. Yet, without lava and cocoon there would be no butterfly. The same in life, same in business... nature is really a master of innovation and if we look and listen carefully we can learn from her a lot.....

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