Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Innovation plays a vital role in proving that evolution works for business environments, as well

I have been developing for the last few years a model that I can now prove with the idea that the evolution theory applies to business environments, as well… Specially those that seek a long term sustainable growth.
These days I use every opportunity to present the model to different focus groups, seeking responses, comments, approvals and criticism... So, the other day I was enthusiastically explaining the basic 4 stages of evolution of business ecosystems and defending the reasoning why stages could not be skipped. Suddenly, one of the entrepreneurs in the audience got up and said:« Now I know why the company I was managing last, went down the drain. I was a great promoter of innovation and quality, and we were really good at. However, I paid no attention to productivity«. I was about to kiss her...those type of comments were exactly what I was looking for... a natural reactions.... »thinking companies« (presenting in my model the 3rd stage, driven by the creativity and innovation) can not be successful on a long run on competitive markets, if they do not have under control quality (one of the key elements of the 2nd stage) and productivity (one of the key elements of the 1st stage). Therefore, any form of organization (company, local community, region) can really transform into an innovative one if it also masters productivity and quality process....

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