Friday, January 27, 2006

i love this country and all these inspired people

Life is really always full of surprises...A couple of weeks ago I was asked by RCL to meet with one of the local entrepreneurs for possible cooperation. We both were in a hurry, quickly exchanging our views... and I thought that was it... however, yesterday I received a mail from him and was really pleasantly surprised with the content of his message. He sent me an invitation for possible cooperation along with his action plan for 2006 where his vision and key strategic goals were clearly presented... he plans to become the best company in the region by 2007, the best in his sector in Slovenia by 2010 and globally recognized for his innovative solutions in the field of mechanics and hydraulics for general use. So cool! I love this country.. .so many unbelievable people, with so much enthusiasm and great ideas, determination and a sense for sustainability...and he was also very inspired when explaining the definition for his success in 2010: »I want to fly with my team Pipistrel, with Akrapovič exhaust pipe, drinking Movia wines in Dubai«...

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